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Best Mattress Guide 2020

Futon Bed Frames To Match Your Decor

If step 1 of getting the perfect fit between your mattress, futon bed frames, and covers is deciding on exactly what type of mattress – material & size – then step 2 could be considered getting the proper frame to match. In this case, there are several types to choose from. Are you going with […]

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Futon Covers 2020-2021: Information and Overview

While the majority of the information you’ll come across on this site relates to the futon mattress​ itself, there are accessories and other bedding items that may also fit your needs. Futon covers are just one such accessory. Our aim lies in helping you locate answers to common questions related to the topic of protecting […]

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Futon Mattress Covers Add Functional Versatility 2020-2021

In case you have not noticed, the futon mattress is not just for dorm rooms anymore. This versatile piece of furniture has now found its way into homes everywhere and they are not just for the budget conscious either. Even people who can afford the best money can buy are opting for the chic designs […]

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Futon Covers In Organic Cotton and Hemp Materials 2020-2021

If you are an old hippie, man, this article was written for you. Think futon. Don’t think smoking futons. There are those who continue to think that “hemp” means only smoking funny tobacco or “down with the establishment,” but, really folks, those days are gone and we will do well to give hemp a chance […]

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Futon Slipcovers Are Essential Mattress Companions 2020-2021

A futon gives the appearance of a sofa or chair until it is unfolded into a convenient bed for guests, kids’ sleepovers, or just for lounging in the living room or den. College students enjoy these stylish yet simple space savers in their college rooms or studio apartments. A vast assortment of futon covers is […]

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Learning About Futon Bed Covers 2020-2021

An important topic for anyone selecting futon mattress covers is the safety and health features that some futon bed covers possess. You want futon covers with these characteristics whether using them for yourself or your guests. Concern about materials being introduced into the environment and the need to keep products eco-friendly applies to these mattress […]

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Various Futon Cover Sizes and Dimensions 2020-2021

Are you searching for the exact futon cover to match your futon mattress and room decor? You may have been looking far and wide, offline and online. Perhaps you need covers for futon chairs rather than sofa or bed. There is no shortage of variety. There is a futon cover size and shape in any […]

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Using A Latex Mattress Topper 2020 and A Futon Mattress Cover 2020-2021 Top Pick’s

The futon has found new importance and popularity in homes. More people are discovering how futons have the versatility to add more pleasure and usefulness to their furnishings and enhance their lifestyle. Home and apartment dwellers’ newfound affection for futons has increased the need for futon covers to protect them. Manufacturers have responded by creating […]

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Futon Mattress Buying Guide & Help

As you will notice fairly quickly as you shop online for your futon mattress, it is nearly impossible to know exactly what you should be looking for. You may know the size you are interested in, you might even know the materials you’d like, or what type of bed frame you will use, but there […]

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Futon Mattresses For Athletes 2020-2021 Top Pick’s & Buyer’s Guide

From time to time, there are people that are either taller than the average ‘Joe’ or just have special needs when it comes to sleeping on a futon. The title of this article has to do with futon mattresses for athletes because, quite often, these are the folks who need these larger or specialty sized […]

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