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DR PodiatristDr. Podiatrist is an often misunderstood term. A Podiatrist is a doctor – a physician and surgeon of the foot and ankle. It is a medical specialty, similar to orthopedics or pediatrics, that specializes in intensive study of foot pathology and treatment thereof. A Podiatrist is trained in the basic medical sciences for four […]

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Ankle Pain

Ankle painThe ankle is a ginglymus joint that connects the foot to the lower leg, and that helps propel the body through the gait cycle. The ankle joint is also known as the talocrural joint, which aids in stability, shock absorption, and proprioception. The ankle joint is a crucial weight-bearing joint that allows the foot […]

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Plantar Fasciitis – Beyond The Pain

PLANTAR FAsCIITIS – BEYOND THE PAINPlantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. Usually, symptoms occur with activity after resting – getting out of bed in the morning, getting out of a car after driving, getting up after sitting for a while. All of these situations tend to cause immediate pain. In general, […]

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Foot Pain Causes Symptoms And Treatments

Foot Pain CaUses Symptoms And TreatmentsFoot ProblemsFoot problems are one of the most common sources of pain that we as humans experience. Most of us are on our feet the majority of time during the day, and as the old saying goes, “when our feet hurt, we hurt all over.”Foot problems can range from a […]

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Heel That Pain

Who Suffers From heel PainHeel pain can affect anyone. From children, through to young adults, the middle-aged and the elderly. It is estimated that up to two-thirds of the American population has some form of a foot ailment. Some of these ailments may either directly or indirectly lead to or contribute toward heel pain.Other western […]

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Heel Pain Types Causes And Treatments

Heel Pain Causes And TreatmentsTypes Of Heel PainHeel pain is a widespread affliction. Several different causes can cause it, and its treatment varies from case to case, depending on the purpose. Even the kind of symptoms you experience will vary depending on what has caused your heel pain in the first place. The heel can […]

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Shoulder Blade Pain Relief

Shoulder Blade Pain or Shoulder Pain ReliefFrozen Shoulder Pain ReliefCarrying Out Frozen Shoulder Pain ReliefFor carrying out frozen shoulder pain relief, you would have to take significant frozen shoulder treatment steps. These frozen shoulder treatment steps would lead to an improvement in your condition and would help you in recovering from the problem at the […]

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Best Therapeutic Pillows

Therapeutic PillowsTherapeutic pillows are a special kind of pillow that is used to help a variety of conditions, usually a body part that suffers from pain due to tension or stress. There are a lot of different kinds of therapeutic pillows available in the market today. One can purchase these pillows from massage parlors and […]

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Best Pillows for Neck Pain

Best Pillows for Neck Pain ReliefNeck pain is one of the most common reasons people visit their doctor frequently. The problem is most common among those whose job it is to work on a computer all day, although it can affect anyone. Most cases of neck pain are not severe enough to seek medical attention. […]

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