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Reading several CPAP mask reviews is the first step before you set out to buy your CPAP machine. One fact you should know is that the CPAP mask that goes with it bears more weight than the device itself. That’s why it is essential to find the Right CPAP mask that can suit your level of comfort. It is better to do your homework and look for several CPAP mask reviews that can help you decide on the type of mask that suits you.

Take note that the CPAP mask can be bought separately from the CPAP machine. The problem is that you have a wide selection of designs to choose from. To help you decide, search for CPAP mask reviews that tell you the experiences of other mask users. In some reports, they even include information such as the brand, price, and the place where you can buy it.

Common Problems When Using CPAP Masks

The skin on your face gets irritated

Your mouth and nose tends to become dry

Sneezing and runny nose

Nose bleed


CPAP masks can be so irritating and uncomfortable that a lot of people often stop using it after a few weeks. Remember that you have to get used to sleeping with a CPAP mask strapped to your face, covering your mouth and nose. These masks are called full-face masks. This can make some people feel choked and claustrophobic. Aside from that, you have to teach yourself to breathe in a different pattern or rhythm because of the air being pumped into your airways. The first few days can be a real struggle, but really, the results are significant.

Some products advertise a no mask, no strap, and no headgear features. The concept is that you don’t need to put on a headgear, but you still need to put on a nasal puff and a mouthpiece. However, it may not be suitable for open mouth breathers. You may even need to use a chin strap. Searching for reviews about such products can help you decide if this is the most suitable for you.

To find reviews from actual CPAP users, you may need to find a forum on sleep apnea. Forums are online community discussion sites, usually about a specific topic or interest. There are several forums present on the web like the Sleep Apnea Support Forum, Cpap Talk, and Apnea Board. These forums will give you first-hand information about actual sleep apnea patient’s experiences with a sure CPAP mask or machine. Do not easily trust the information on sites or articles that caters specifically to a single product as there may be bias on the news. These forums can give you both positive and negative reviews. If you have your own experiences, it would be best to share it with other people through these forums. It is tough to find specific and truthful information on the internet about individual CPAP masks. It would be an excellent social responsibility to help other sufferers get into real details just by simply sharing your thoughts and experiences.

However, you have to consult your doctor before you opt for these masks because it’s not recommended for everybody, especially those who have undergone surgery.

If you’re looking to find the answer to the best CPAP mask, here’s the low down, there is no definite answer. Each cover is designed differently, and although manufacturers have tried to find ways to make the design more comfortable, it’s never usually good enough for most users. The important thing is to be updated about what’s the latest out there in the market. The best idea to do that is to explore on the internet.

The first thing that you have to consider is, of course, comfort. Find one that perfectly covers your mouth and nose and make sure that the straps are neither too loose nor too tight. If the fit is snug, then the airflow will be stable, and the proper level of air pressure can be pumped. Imagine yourself sleeping with it strapped in your head and consider how much you move during the night. If you make a lot, you might want to consider the headgear type of masks. And yes, those things come in different sizes, so make sure you get the right size for you. It should be expected that you may have to try out several types of masks before you find that one perfect fit.

The bottom line is, whichever type of mask you choose, you still have to adjust to having something strapped in your face while sleeping, and obviously, that will never be comfortable…ever. There is no one way to find out which is best for you except to trust your judgment and to consult with your doctor.

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