Futon Bed Frames To Match Your Decor

If step 1 of getting the perfect fit between your mattress, futon bed frames, and covers is deciding on exactly what type of mattress – material & size – then step 2 could be considered getting the proper frame to match. In this case, there are several types to choose from. Are you going with the futon lounger type of decor or with the more traditional futon couch type of look? In either case, there are many to choose from. It’s more likely that you’ll find a lot more variety with the traditional style of the futon mattress. Though, there are more and more frame styles becoming available with the resurgence of retro-styled futon chair and lounger styles. These can look like those old chaise loungers from the earlier half of the 1900s. This style can be complemented quite well by using any number of retro-themed futon covers as well. For now, let’s concentrate on the aspect of frame choices and worry about the covers and room decor for another time. You’ve seen the older ‘dorm room’ style of the futon mattress frame. It’s a classic. Actually, saying it’s a dorm room style isn’t really fair. This traditional type of Japanese futon mattress frame is made quite elegantly and can utilize any number of exotic woods. It’s mentioned as the typical dorm-room style frame because of its simplicity and ease of setting up. It basically has wooden slats that are arranged horizontally across the wooden pieces that support the slats on the floor. The slats are aligned perpendicular to your body as you sleep. It can be painted, stained and adorned any way that you may think that wood could be. You may only see the sides of the frame, so it appears more simple or spartan when measured against others in this frame category.

The next most popular style is the arm rest style. With this model – several variations exist – there are arm rests which can support the hinged mechanism, in order to be able to fold the futon mattress itself into couch seating. These arm rest sides can be designed to hold magazines, remote controls or custom built to really be anything that you (the owner) wish to have designed. Off-the-floor models will mostly be limited to magazine racks and the like. You will also find different styling to the frames themselves. Some lend themselves to more of a cabin feel, with larger tree trunk or post looking members. Others have a Mission style to them, reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs. These can be quite timeless in appearance and add a touch of elegance to any room. Matched with other pieces of the period and you’d never guess that the futon mattress you were sitting on is not a contemporary of the others.

Getting custom frames built is really the next step towards having your headboard or bed unit exactly how you like it. With trends that tend to dip back and forth between eras gone by, one such popular frame now is something that is reminiscent of the 1950's. This bed frame is fairly simple with an area available for books or lighting. You will usually find a nice bed-time reading book there and you can just flip a switch nearby and roll over and go to sleep. Pair your headboard with one or two glass retro table lamps and you will be back in time. Better yet, you will have the hippest bedroom in the neighborhood.

There is another subset of bed frames or styles that should also be mentioned here. These are the futon bunk beds or loft style of futons. While they are less popular in terms of how many people have them in their homes, if you have the need for a bunk bed, these are the perfect fit. They are just like any type of bunk, but they utilize a child’s futon for the mattress portion. They come in the standard twin up top and twin mattress below set up. Then, there is the twin on top and full size down below. Basically, the same but with more room for a larger child or for more comfortable seating for visiting friends. Finally, there is the loft style of bunk which has the mattress on top and space below. This type of bed frame can be great for allowing you to put a desk or some organizational products in your child’s room and still leave room to move about the space.

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