Futon Covers In Organic Cotton and Hemp Materials 2020-2021

If you are an old hippie, man, this article was written for you. Think futon. Don’t think smoking futons. There are those who continue to think that “hemp” means only smoking funny tobacco or “down with the establishment,” but, really folks, those days are gone and we will do well to give hemp a chance to redeem itself by letting it serve humanity as it has done in ages past. Hemp has an entirely different and legal use and it has been serving mankind for

Various looks at the hemp before it is made into the cover fabric.

hundreds of years. Even our founding fathers knew about and used hemp rope and hemp oil. What is called “industrial hemp” has many uses. So why would anyone use hemp to cover a futon mattress? Hemp is green. Meaning, it is environmentally friendly and is making a comeback, especially in the clothing industry. This also means that hemp fabric is now much more available for other uses. It used to be a rather expensive material to purchase, but the cost has been coming down and there are assorted vocal celebrities who are touting and supporting their love of hemp and hemp clothing to a few award shows. Did you ever think to see a tuxedo made out of hemp?

Why would hemp be the fabric of choice for anything, let alone futon covers? Industrial hemp containing less than 0.3 percent THC does not have the same drug-like properties as its cousin the joint and really is meant for common household use. It is often blended with some other conventional fabric ingredient to make a smoother and softer piece of material. This means that hemp and cotton may be spun together to make smooth, comfortable, and breathable fabrics that wear like iron. Hemp is grown and used all over the world because it is so easy to cultivate.

Some folks swear by “organic.” Hemp – being organic – is also hearty. It can tolerate harsh growing conditions, without the need for chemicals to keep the crop profitable and “durability” is hemp’s middle name. You can abuse it and even mistreat it without actually harming it. That is what makes it a great fabric for futons. And it grows really fast. Bamboo fast. It can be planted, grown and harvested in a never-ending cycle making it a very “sustainable resource.” Oh yes, hemp is green all right.

If you like the wear of denim – which is cotton, then you are likely to enjoy the wear of hemp – especially if it is mixed with cotton. The usual ratio is 55 percent hemp and 45 percent cotton. They both age very gracefully. The feel of hemp when it is new is slightly stiffer than cotton but with wear and use it softens up becoming very comfortable, just like your favorite denim jeans do. Except that hemp is not blue, it usually comes in its own natural tan color and its own highly organic texture. Pair this type of cover with your organic cotton futon and you’ve got the makings of a healthy and organic ‘sleep system’ – next, the sheets! You can throw this in the laundry just like any cotton item, too. So when your organic hemp futon cover “ripens” you can toss it in the wash without fear. Give hemp a chance. You may find you like it better than plain ordinary cotton for a futon cover.

Hania Shahbaz

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