Futon Mattress Buying Guide & Help

As you will notice fairly quickly as you shop online for your futon mattress, it is nearly impossible to know exactly what you should be looking for. You may know the size you are interested in, you might even know the materials you’d like, or what type of bed frame you will use, but there will likely be something that you could use help with. That’s where we come in. You can tell that we don’t have any futon mattresses for sale here. Why? Because this site is strictly for information regarding all things futon.

We’ll give you a basic run-down on what you need to know. As you’re online, you can search for the specific missing links in your search criteria. You’ve got the futon frame – check. You know you want a full futon mattress – check. You get the point. That way, all you have to do is basically check pricing, shipping, and some other basic details and you’ll be sleeping on cloud 9 in no time.

So, first of all, we’ll need to start at the beginning. No doubt, you know what a futon mattress is at this point. Not trying to insult your intelligence, it’s just that people find our site searching in several different ways. What you might NOT know, is exactly what is in that mattress your head (or your guests) will be resting on for hours at a time. There are many different qualities in these, just like in traditional mattresses. That’s why there is a tremendous price range (and mark-up if you’re not careful).

Make sure you know what your futon mattress is made of. The most common is a cotton futon mattress, occasionally a cotton/polyfill. This is the most basic type and still the least expensive most times. You’d be wise to check for any off-gassing materials that may be present in the particular brand you are considering. Off-gassing refers to the fumes/gasses that are emitted from certain materials. If you’re buying a cheap futon, check this out for sure. Some companies get their products from overseas where certain guidelines may be a bit, shall we say, looser.

Also, just like their traditional mattress cousins, a futon mattress can include latex foam materials often referred to as a memory foam mattress. These latex materials can often be less of a bother to some as they are hypoallergenic. Another common material for in-fill in a futon mattress is wool. Again, natural material and makes for a wonderfully supportive, yet dense sleeping surface. They are quite comfortable and can help with moisture control as wool is capable of maintaining warmth when wet, unlike cotton. Newer to the futon market is the coiled spring mattress. These are the most like a traditional bed mattress with innerspring coils, often individually covered in fabric ‘tubes’. This helps to keep noise and movement transfer to a minimum. Well, that will get you started on your hunt for the perfect futon mattress. Now, you can check out our site for info regarding the right frame choice for your new mattress.

Hania Shahbaz

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