Futon Slipcovers Are Essential Mattress Companions 2020-2021

A futon gives the appearance of a sofa or chair until it is unfolded into a convenient bed for guests, kids’ sleepovers, or just for lounging in the living room or den. College students enjoy these stylish yet simple space savers in their college rooms or studio apartments. A vast assortment of futon covers is also available to suit the needs of children and adults. The futon mattress originated in Japan as stowable bedding to be easily stored away during the daytime. This concept was introduced to the western world and evolved into this space-saving furniture like a chair or sofa with the capability of flattening out into a bed. Frames are made from wood, metal, or incorporate both into the design. Mattress sizes tend to be slightly larger than that of standard mattresses. The thickness of the bedding is also much thicker and is offered in a range of 4” to 10” thickness. More comfortable and less expensive than an air mattress, this bedding features soft, medium, or firm support. The Japanese version consists of an interior of cotton, wool, or synthetic batting. The Western style uses batting with multiple layers of foam, memory foam which shapes itself to the body, extremely soft latex foam, or coils as utilized in standard mattresses.

Purchasing a removable futon cover protects the mattress from dust, dirt, food and beverage spills, pet hair, fleas, and other insects. This durable bedding will last even longer when a slipcover is used. It is also an inexpensive way to change the decor of a room at a moment’s notice.

Futon mattress covers are available in endless colors, prints, themes, and materials. The futon slipcover can be manufactured from cotton, cotton and polyester blend for less shrinkage, durable corduroy, and 100% cotton denim which is a heavier material offering extra durability. Hemp coverings are also very durable yet more costly than other materials. Leather futon covers are made from flexible vinyl which stays cool for a comfortable night’s sleep. Its realistic leather grain appearance repels water and is easy to keep clean. Even faux suede and animal print covers are available. Many covers also include a set of matching pillows. Most coverings are machine washable and can be line dried or tumbled in the dryer on a no-heat setting. These covers fit over the bedding and zip closed on three sides. Even with the covering in place, the furniture can still be easily folded back into being a chair or sofa.

This innovative furniture is not just for the bedroom or den. Many people enjoy its benefits in the living room, home office, or enclosed porch. One futon cover or multiple coverings can be easily purchased from department stores, specialty stores, or online for very reasonable prices. Preparing an area for an out of town guest is as easy as changing the slipcover in a matter of seconds.

Hania Shahbaz

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