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Using A Latex Mattress Topper 2020 and A Futon Mattress Cover 2020-2021 Top Pick’s

The futon has found new importance and popularity in homes. More people are discovering how futons have the versatility to add more pleasure and usefulness to their furnishings and enhance their lifestyle. Home and apartment dwellers’ newfound affection for futons has increased the need for futon covers to protect them. Manufacturers have responded by creating a futon cover for any home’s decor and color scheme, with a wonderful variety of materials, colors, and styles to enhance the enjoyment and usefulness of this clever type of furniture.

These covers will guard the futon mattress, as well as allowing the owner to express their decorative skills. Futon furniture styles have come a long way since they first made the long journey to the U.S. from Japan in the 1980′s. They were perfect for college dorm rooms or crowded apartments that needed to maximize the usefulness of every bit of living space. They became associated with people just starting out in the world and who were on a tight budget for furnishings. Now, futons have experienced a renaissance as chic decorating suggestions by classy home decorating publications. They are welcome in fine homes and now include options of superior latex mattresses and matching latex pillow. Manufacturers have created new futons that appeal to lovers of fine things. They have upped the quality of construction and the strength and artistic variety of the frames that now often are extremely decorative and suit many styles.

Futon mattresses are currently manufactured using the finest materials and workmanship, using the latest and most up to date manufacturing techniques. The availability of these superior futons has enlarged the market for them, since they come in so many different styles, and the covers for them are so elegant, colorful and perfect for any home or home. The beauty of the futon is its usefulness as both a bed and an attractive couch for the living room. They make the perfect home addition for those who need an extra bed on occasion for a guest but need to use the guest room space when not entertaining. This multiple-use capability makes them especially valuable for furnishing small areas. When not converted to a bed they can then provide seating in the home or office areas where additional seating and attractive furnishings are a plus.

Care of Your Lovely Futon Mattress cover 

Whether the main purpose for purchasing a futon was as a couch or bed, or regular use as both, the appearance and lifespan will both receive great benefit from futon covers. Most futon mattresses are manufactured from materials such as foam and cotton which will readily absorb any liquids, whether human perspiration, oils or spilled drinks and food. The cover not only shields the futon from stains but from damage caused by sharp or heavy objects possibly causing a rip in the mattress. The mattress can stay clean and looking like new.


You may choose to invest your money in the latex futon mattress topper. However, in order to protect your futon and receive many more years of use, futon covers make a smart, cost-effective purchase. They are very reasonably priced, from as little as $20 up to the larger and more decorative ones that could be $300. When you investigate the variety of covers available you will be delighted with the incredible selection in any style, color and price range you could desire to coordinate with your home or room’s color scheme, decor theme, and your budget.

Simple to Use and Maintain

Makers have ensured that their futon covers will give convenient use as well as long use. They are designed to come off the furniture and wash easily so they can be used again and again, and the mattress constantly feels refreshed to the user. Many include a zipper that goes around the perimeter so that it can fit snugly around the mattress but be easy to unzip and take off, then put back on and zip tightly shut. Some use buttons for securing the cover to the mattress, but the security is only as good as the buttons which can get loose. The beauty of covers is that the instant a child drops their drink or the dog jumps on it with muddy paws, you can whisk it off, launder and put it back on. The covers may be hand washable if made of certain materials; many are machine washable, a great advantage to the homemaker who otherwise would constantly worry about accidents by the kids and the family dog.

Decorating Versatility

The advantages of a futon for decorating are many. The furniture makes an extremely attractive sofa and can be purchased in a style that matches any decorating preference, or to coordinate with any existing furniture. Then, if needed, rather than rent furniture or put up a guest on an uncomfortable couch, it becomes a very comfortable bed with a very comfortable mattress, such as a natural latex mattress. If the owner decides to locate the futon to a different room, the simple addition of a new cover can allow the futon to coordinate perfectly with the new room, as if she had purchased a new futon. You can switch the couch covers to suit the occasion, such as brighter colors around certain holidays. Covers come in different fabrics that can give the futon a totally different look. A den where teenage friends gather may want a more rugged look. When the cover wears out or you cannot wash out the stains anymore, simply replace it and the futon stays clean and fresh for use. Replacing covers is a wonderful decorating advantage over replacing an entire piece of furniture.

Fabrics for Futon Covers

You can find any desired look for your futon in the incredible variety of fabric types and styles, from real leather and suede to faux leather and suede, from vinyl to silk or denim and any other fabric imaginable. The fabric should be selected according to the use – an easy to clean material for one that is going to get lots of use by the family animals or by active teenagers; an elegant one for special occasions such as the suede or silk material that feels so wonderful to the touch. A leather cover makes the futon into an impressive leather couch. Since the futon’s cover is not like upholstering that cannot be removed, a new look is just a quick cover change away. The covers can create a comfy, inviting ambiance, a party atmosphere or make a statement if in leather or silk or other eye-catching designs and styles available. The covers can change as tastes and needs change.

For those who want to go green, there are covers made from organic materials such as hemp. These organic futon covers are especially helpful when the futon is used to furnish a bedroom. Since they are free of chemical dyes and artificial materials, they will not cause allergies or emit any strange odors from chemicals. They use only natural dyes, and cotton is grown without the use of pesticides. If you know the futon is likely to experience water or drink spillage or is where the pool users will be entering the house and sitting down, then you want a cover that is waterproof to preserve the mattress. Covers are available for those who are very sensitive to allergies, with totally non-allergenic materials that will deter dust mites from occupying the mattress. The mites leave residues that are frequently the cause of skin problems and allergic reactions in those who are sensitive to allergens.

Color and Style Choices

The popularity of futons has encouraged manufacturers to market a wonderful array of futon covers in every color and style. Every individual can indulge their own personal preference and artistic bent. They can change their futon with their mood by just turning the cover over; many are reversible. One side may be one color, the other side a fun pattern. Futon covers are easy to find, with ample selections of sizes and colors but for those who have a special decorating need, or want a themed cover for a special occasion, they can be custom made. There are fabric samples available to choose from so you can pick out the perfect shade and fabric texture to suit some special occasion, or to perfectly coordinate with a different piece of furniture. One popular new design idea is covering with skirts attached to them. The nesting effect is to make the futon look like a piece of upholstered furniture, by adding a skirt to both the front and the back of the bed frame. The cover can either be used to completely conceal the frame front and back, or it can be pushed below the mattress in front to display just the frame’s front.

Sizing the Cover

Most covers will fit mattresses up to 8 inches deep. If your furniture’s mattress is 6 to 8 inches, the standard cover size will work. If you have an extra thick mattress, perhaps 9 to 10 inches, you may have to special order the size from the maker. You will need to specify the exact measurements of your mattress so that the manufacturer can make a cover that will fit as you wish. Measurements for a cover include just the mattress, not the entire piece of furniture. The mattress covers come in the standard sizes of twin, full and queen; the king is rarer. There are futons made that serve as baby cribs, sofa ottomans or loveseats and chairs, and covers are available for these furniture styles also. The only difficulty will be narrowing down the different colors and styles and making the final selection. The variety can make owning a futon an even richer and more satisfying experience for the homeowner, who, with each new cover, has an unlimited number of futons to decorate their home.

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